The Modern Snowflake

Not to be confused with modern snow - looking very much like water


good job, greed

Secret life of Planets (39) - The Lazy Assumption

Yeah most likely a very very elaborate prank

Smoked Out (Animated)

Out of Energy?

Looks like oil is getting 0 mpg

Planetary SlideShow Info

Here's a GIF loaded with hot information on the planets in the solar system.  Very useful

War on Wind

At least that's what the congressman suggested - oh, and that guy on that blog

Then and Now

We're probably just a tid bit behind on energy - clearly there are no other options that have been invented or discovered

A Very VERY Long Time

All that's left - a few solo cups - and those Goddamn sporks

Betty Cooker's BBQ & Roasting Guide! Global Warming Edition!

This also works with hotdogs, chicken wings, and marinated tofu!  We call it Sun-Grillin'

Volcano Warming

I think we've solved the problem - at least, figured out the culprit

Lawn Eater

If you can grow it, eat it! Unless it's grass - then cut it.

Climate Censors

This theory could actually work on a multitude of annoyances

REPORT: Official Radiation Evolution

Sometimes evolution needs a push - a really big push - a really big (Fukushima style) push