Keystone XL can create many opportunities to repair the damage it will do to the environment.  JOBS.

Plastic Fish (Single Frame)

That trash is actually a sign of progress; Products are clearly being sold.

Ocean of Trash (in 3D!)

Earth... Pumpkin...

Yup.  It's Earth in Pumpkin form... Happy Halloween

Really Big Fans (Animated)

When it comes to wind power - these are some of the largest fans.  Yes, we went there.

No Bees, No Food, Lose Weight!

Are we witnessing the birth of a skinny epidemic?  Maybe we need to rethink saving the bees...

Plastic Fish

They could be a new species of fish.  They might even pair well with a nice fine New Jersey cola.

Joe Barton's Scientific Reasoning on Wind Turbines for Alternative Energy

Joe Barton has a theory concerning Earth cooling down after all the wind turbines diffuse cooling winds - we created an infographic to help with the complex explanation.


How long does it take for a spork to decompose? 400 - 1,000,000 years?

Secret Life of Planets (34) - The Reality of Jupiter

Besides blocking asteroids from hitting Earth, Jupiter really can't do much more.  We have a feeling the Sun has a better solution.

The Bounties Of Space Exploration!

Who do you think fixed the spaceships, relaunched the shuttle program, and paid the astronauts?

Keep Working

Un-American, hippie canaries will go to any length to prove their point.

The Avengers

Loggers, beware of the tree avengers.  They're on a mission from Earth.

Vacation from Earth

Who says there's no Earth-B? The Moon is a great place to start over! Fresher air! Great View!

The Future of Maritime

Glaciers? Do you remember reading about them in history class?  Icebergs were a clear nuisance, and polar bears are dangerous predators - capable of eating our children, and dogs. 

Hey, Slick!

Got an oil spill? Great! Besides free fuel, oil also helps guard against rust!

The Cows

If only those cows knew - must be a vegetarian thing

The Space Cannon

Recycling too hard? Reducing waste impossible? Clean up Earth with the Space Cannon! Endless possibilities!

That Necklace

6-pack soda-ring trash necklace? It seriously looks ridiculous.  

2014: additional wittiness by Carlene Heitman.

It's Simply God's Wrath!

Well, it's what the Senator said on TV, you know, the one probably maybe running for President

Where's Wal-Mart?

You would think they'd have built a couple Wal-Mart Super-Centers on The Moon by now

How To Alleviate Waste (#2v) - The Space Cannon

The Space Cannon in back - now with the power to launch our trash, waste, leftovers... someplace else

Secret Life of Planets (#25v) - The Favor (How the universe really works)


We're pretty sure this happens almost daily (in planetary time, of course)

Secret Life of Planets (#25A) - The Favor (How the Universe Really Works)

We're pretty sure this is exactly how it works - Jupiter always saving Earth's ass

The original version - kept here for sentimental purposes

Secret Life of Planets (#24) - Halloween

Scary isn't it?
Does the Universe even celebrate Halloween?

The Original - Even Scarier.