The New Four Seasons

Updating for the new year!

Who wants to not decompose forever?

Well, a few thousand years could seam like "forever" - unfortunately there can be way more than one

Earth and Cross Bones

Warning! Danger! Poison! Caution!

Climate Reality

one's easy to assume, the other is hard to accept

Denial: Definition

Because doing nothing has always been the answer

Planetary SlideShow Info

Here's a GIF loaded with hot information on the planets in the solar system.  Very useful

War on Wind

At least that's what the congressman suggested - oh, and that guy on that blog

Then and Now

We're probably just a tid bit behind on energy - clearly there are no other options that have been invented or discovered

Secret Life of Planets (#2) The Stinkening

Brave words from a gas giant

(this is the second revision of this image, originally published April 28th, 2015.)

Too Late

Usually it's never too late to consider anything - except in this case

Seattle's Re-Named Football Team: The Seattle Oilers

Since Seattle is now known for it's iconic Shell Oil Rig, the team had their name changed from the Seahawks to the Oilers

Seattle's New Shell SkyLine

Seattle has forever been changed by Shell's oil rig 

Rio not-so Grande

The silver lining? One can't drown

Mother's Day 2015

What mother wouldn't want to be compared to global warming on Mother's Day?  We can guarantee this beats any Hallmark card.

Volcano Warming

I think we've solved the problem - at least, figured out the culprit

REPORT: Official Radiation Evolution

Sometimes evolution needs a push - a really big push - a really big (Fukushima style) push